Tweet for Armenia and Artsakh

Politicians announce their decisions on this network much more often than in press conferences. Journalists watch the trends on Twitter and write about the hot topics. The media use Twitter to cover events in real time (as a comedian once said: a newspaper is paper on which you read what you learned yesterday on Twitter). Created in 2006, Twitter and its 500 million followers has become the essential platform for soft power!

Movements such as BlackLivesMatter and MeToo have used Twitter to mobilize and raise awareness about issues of racial and gender discrimination.

Overall, Twitter has become a powerful tool for soft power, allowing users to engage and mobilize around important societal issues.

To carry our message we need to be even more present on Twitter …

Every like, every share, every comment counts!

Notable numbers :

  • Twitter is the 9th most visited site in the world

  • More than 200 million daily users

  • France, 10th country with 8 million users

  • 6,000 tweets per second, or 200 billion per year

  • 24.6% of verified accounts are journalists

  • 83% of leaders have a Twitter account

  • A tweet with an image = 150% more impact

  • At least one #hashtag = 100% more impact

  • With a video = 10 times more impact

Some of our successes:

  • 8446 tweets #StandWithArmenia October 26
  • Armenians #1 on November 30
  • #SanctionAliyev on December 14
  • Le Figaro, tribune of intellectuals of December 23
  • Armenia N°1 on December 27
  • Le Monde, tribune des politiques of December 27
  • #HautKarabakh on December 27
  • Armenia N°1 December 28
  • Charlie Hebdo article on Armenia on January 5th
  • Armenia on January 10, 11 and 13
  • #StopArtsakhBlockade on January 17
  • #StopAzerbaijaniAggression on February 2nd