Soft Power


We will, all together, mobilize our energies, surpass our opponents and direct the direction of history in our favor.

Create a new Twitter account

It is interesting to dedicate an account different from your usual account, your personal account can like and RT afterwards to amplify.

Follow @ARMARAS_

Our main account publishes daily messages that must be relayed..

Like & RT

It is important to like the messages, that gives them visibility, then to retweet (RT) so that the information spreads …


Interpell, by adding the accounts of targeted personalities.

Example: @EmmanuelMacron for what reason do you remain silent to the Armenian cause?

ReTweet with comments

in order to spread the word and add your own touch

Example: @EmmanuelMacron pour quelle raison restez-vous muet à la cause arménienne ? #StandWithArmenia


Comment to add information, a HashTag (Keyword preceded by #)

Example: Totally agree! #StandWithArmenia #SanctionALiyev

Follow other friends

Look at the accounts followed by Armaras and follow them back …

Same with the followers of @Armaras … and others !

Tag accounts

Example: @EmmanuelMacron @LeMonde @Lobs @Tf1 @France2 for what reason do you remain silent to the Armenian cause?

Participate in the TweetStorm

We launch mass campaigns where everyone has to retweet, repost and like as much as possible.

The Riposte team will notify you in advance of the TweetStorm launch time and you can start as soon as the tweet is published on the @Armaras account.

Thus, our hashtags often rise in the top 10!

Ask access to Khustup

To increase the impact of our messages, we have developed a tool, Khustup. It will allow you to see the messages to spread, the keywords to follow and to like. For this you need a Twitter account and to be invited on

Khustup is your ToDo list, each action is counted and deleted from the list once done.