Discover how to emphasize Tweet campaigns !

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are excellent vehicles for information and influence.

To increase the impact of our messages, we have developed a tool, Khustup. It will allow you to see the messages that you need to spread, the keywords to follow and like.

For this you need a Twitter account, but many already have one, and be invited on (see below)

Khustup is your ToDo list, each action is counted and deleted from the list.
It is proposed whole tweets, with text, hashtag and image, tweets to comment, tweets to share and like.
Hashtags to follow are indicated and a simple click displays the list of the latest tweets concerned so that it is easy to like and spread them in turn.

Once you have validated your account, you can log in with email and password, check the “remember me” box and add an icon on your mobile. To do this, once on the main page of Khustup, with the function “Add to home screen“.

Instructions on how to add Khustup on iPhone or Android