European MPs

here are the links allowing you to write to MPs, MPs, senators and senators in mass with your email address … in only 2 clicks!

Just click on the link of a list to create the email, with your usual email tool, the addresses are in blind copy (BCC) and you can add your name in signature (if your tool does not do it already).

All you have to do is send … then do the same with the link of another list! There are 8 lists of female deputies and 13 lists of male deputies, which covers our 540 elected officials (excluding unfriendly …) and 5 lists of female senators and 8 senators.

WARNING : in order not to block your email account, proceed in 2 days … many providers limit the number of daily emails to 500 and each list contains 26 recipients.

English ... Dear Madam

English ... Dear Sir