The mission of Armaras is to promote the image of Armenia worldwide, increasing its awareness, reputation and preference in the international market. Indeed, a positive image of the country helps to create opportunities for its inhabitants, thus improving their quality of life.

Armaras presents Armenia through the talent of Armenians and their contributions in terms of quality of life, sustainability and respect for local and global communities, inviting us all to create a better future together.

Our goal is to develop opportunities for Armenia in all its production sectors, strengthening our international recognition and reputation always with a focus on quality. We want to encourage everyone to share our passion by seeking new perspectives and ways of working.

Our work is collaborative as we are led by a multidisciplinary team, composed of representatives from the public and private sectors, we form networks that incorporate others to make the best strategic decisions.

Armaras’ main responsibility is brand management in order to strengthen Armenia’s image and improve the spontaneous appreciation of the country by non-Armenians. This is done by designing and implementing a coordinated strategy that enhances Armenia’s unique and competitive identity, combining business, economic, cultural, political and social aspects.