Our Goal

Social presence

Armenia needs to increase its visibility and make its voice heard! This is called SoftPower. The capacity to exert an influence on the international scene also passes by the media and the social networks. Our goal is to amplify positive and true messages, in the face of trolls (names given to negative, aggressive and lying Internet users) and other corrupt people who propagate a hateful and false discourse. We will, all together, mobilize our energies, surpass our opponents and direct the direction of history in our favor.

Means of action


Spread history, facts and fight the lies and cultural appropriation.


Send letters to MP's and journalists so they have the truth about the situation.


Clear and concise cards to answer the lies told by the enemies of Armenia


An article co-signed by more than 300 artists and intellectuals in Le Figaro :
«Il faut sauver les 120.000 Arméniens d'Artsakh !»
"Emmanuel Macron must do everything possible to guarantee the security of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh and the Republic of Armenia"
Armenia, #SanctionAliyev or #StopArtsakhBlockade have been more than 10 times in the top of Twitter ... our influence is visible!

Help us

Finance our actions, history will pay you back a hundredfold and the taxman at 66%.